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about us

why we run - our vision

We stood up for our freedoms!
We marched for our rights!
We were not heard. 
Now, we need to show that we are running out of time!
Citizens are losing the fight against populism, right wing extremism and hatred.
Now, we will RUN. 
As long as truth is restrained, 
As long as people are restricted, 
We will RUN!

what we do - our mission

We are running for freedom.
We run the kilometers for all the ones who are restrained. 
We call you to join us.
We will fight together until we make the change we seek. 

who we are - our core

We are #FreedomRunner.
We are creating the global community of us.
Us – who are not satisfied with being puppets, who know

that born free means staying free, who know that we are not free until everyone is free. 
We are making a global network of runners that would spread the notion of freedom.  
We started running in Belgrade, Serbia on April 11th 2019.
We will continue running 40,075 km around the globe until we are back in Belgrade - in one year's time.

we marched for our rights

we were

not heard

now, we

need to show

that we are running

out of time

we are running for freedom

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