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Why we run?

Reading the news these days it feels like the world is going to hell, and it's not only the temperature that brings in the heat. As the Right rises and populist leaders claim power in some of the most developed democracies, the authoritarian regimes in other places are growing stronger by day. Freedom is under attack everywhere, as those that keep the Power work harder then ever to keep it for themselves.

Still, while you are reading this, there are many people around the globe who are simply refusing to give up. They fight for freedom, justice and equality in their communities. Because of this, they are suffering heavy repression.

What they are fighting for actually concerns everyone. Yet, they are often alone in these fights. We want to change that.

What is Freedom Runner?

Freedom Runner is a global running movement aimed at raising local and global awareness of important human rights issues, and even more importantly, of the many seemingly ordinary people around us who are fighting for freedom on everyday basis. They do this without regard to the consequences and in the face of systemic repression: the Freedom Heroes.

Freedom Runner brings us closer to those heroes and unites us in supporting them in their fight for the common goal. We are all part of something bigger, and we must act together in order to survive and thrive.

Freedom Runner promotes running as a metaphor for personal challenge, persistence, and struggle against inner and external obstacles towards an important goal, drawing a parallel with struggles carried out by activists around the world.

​​So what's the plan?

On December 10, 2019 we have launched the global Freedom Runner campaign and mark the occasion of International Human Rights Day by bringing light to the incredible stories of Freedom Heroes around the world.

In the following year, we will work together with thousands of citizens, activists and organizations to mobilize as many people as possible to become Freedom Runners, and to start running and participating in local marathons as a sign of public support to their Freedom Heroes. If you want to participate, sign up to get all updates about the launch.

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