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how to organise a team of runners

No one is free until we are all free. That is why everyone can become a FREEDOM RUNNER, no matter what age, culture, size, body shape, color or gender, no matter what event, marathon, half-marathon, or pleasure run you take part in - no matter the time zone, weather conditions or country, no matter if you are an activist or not.

We not only welcome every individual to join us but also invite you you as organisation, as a community or as a company to organise teams of FREEDOM RUNNERs. To set up and lead your team is pretty simply - just follow the steps below.

Every step counts.


FREEDOM Runner is a global community of individuals and groups of runners. We take great care in tracking and reporting on every step made in this global action.


To join us, take 10 mins to register and allow us to get to know you better. In our registration form we will ask to tell us if you run with as an individual or with a team. Simply choose "I organise a team", answer the other questions - and you are done! After you have registered you will get an email from our team with additional information and next steps.

register a team

FREEDOM RUNNER encourages its runners to dedicate it to a person who they consider a human hero. If anyone is in danger or is wrongfully serving a prison sentence you can dedicate your run 

In the registration form you find a question where we ask you to suggest a person. We are happy for you to choose whoever you want to support - there's only one condition: the person's story has to be connected the country you will be running in. Any questions? Just drop it in the form after providing us with your suggestion!

tell us who you want to run for


how to look like a FREEDOM RUNNER

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